Affordable Bender - Tube bending has never been easier!

Now anyone can fabricate their own creations using the Affordable Bender! We supply a variety of die sizes to suite any need for tube bending. This tube bender is professional grade and can bend a variety of tubing including: copper tubing, aluminum tubing, and steel tubing as well. The Affordable Bender precise and accurate in all varieties of tubing bent. The durable chassis is made to last unlike other tubing benders on the market.

  • Weighs less than 50 pounds
  • Die and Mandrel have 1" shafts for durability and longevity
  • Addiional bending dies available - 1" to 1"3/4

Custom Metal Fabrication

At Afforable Bender our expertise includes: welding, cutting, forming, metal for artwork, ornamental iron work, gates, fences, trailers, sheet metal, heavy metal, stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, and much more. If you can dream it, we can build it at Afforable Bender. 

  • Roll cages: Affordable Bender can fabricate some of the most sophisticated roll cages for all sorts of Jeeps, race cars, dune buggies, and any type of off road vehicle. We use only the sturdiest of materials and assemble with top notch welds.
  • Bumpers and Sliders: We can fab any type of Tube Bumper or Rock Slider for your vehicle. Our Bumpers and Rock Sliders are custom fit and contoured to your vehicle type and needs. Contact Affordable Bender today for a quote!
  • Tube Bending: At Affordable Bender we can custom bend any sort of metal tubing with perfect precision. We can handle almost any type of metal tubing for all your custom bending needs.

Custom Diesel Exhaust

At Affordable Bender we also offer a wide array of Diesel Exhaust systems as well as custom diesel exhaust. We specialize in customizing exhaust systems for all vehicle types as well a standard trucks from all major vehicle manufactures. We have a variety of custom exhaust pipes and exhaust tips for any application.
We carry exhaust systems for the following: 

  • Ford Diesel Exhaust
  • GM Chevy Diesel Exhaust
  • Dodge Diesel Exhaust