Tube & Pipe Notcher

Tube & Pipe Notcher


Simple to Use - The Affordable Bender Tube Notcher may be mounted in a drill press or simply clamped in a vise and used with a 1/2" hand drill. It can be mounted vertically to mount in your drill press or mill or horizontally to mount to your welding table.  The 1/2" hand drill setup is by far the best in our opinion. In this way the Affordable Bender Tube Notcher can be laid horizontal and when notching 45 degree angles the floor will not interfere with the tubing being notched. Also, since the hand drill is fed in horizontally, the drill's weight doesn't try to force the hole saw in too fast.

CNC Machined Steel Shaft & Rigid Bearing Block - This is the most critical part of a hole saw style notcher. The Affordable Bender Tube Notcher  utilizes a CNC machined, heat treated, rockwell hardened and precision ground steel shaft riding in a bearing block incorporating twin needle bearings and separate grease seals for maximum rigidity and reliability.

Adjustable Tube Clamp - The cradle assembly has been designed to be tough, accurate and easy to use. By CNC machining the V-Block, and Clamp assembly small diameter tubing can be notched easily. Machining the clamp mechanism from a solid block of steel eliminates the problems of tube walk in notchers that use a U-strap.

Finishing -The Affordable Bender Tube Notcher  components have been powder coated, zinc plated , or anodized to ensure years of service and easy cleanup after use.  All hardware is grade 8.  This unit is built to last and provide years of quality service.


  • Tube capacity 3/4" to 2" O.D.
  • 3/4" ground and polished stainless steel shaft
  • 3/4" I.D. double-sealed bearings(2 Each for superior wear and precision notching)
  • Angle notches 0 - 50 degrees
  • Uses standard bi-metal hole saws
  • Threaded arbor adaptor included

$199.00 USD